Holiday and Sun Saftey

Fun in the Sun

Taking a baby for a days outing, on holiday in the summer or just to get away for a break can be quite daunting, how can, someone so small need so much stuff? A little planning for these excursions can make all the difference.

Safety First

Tips to keep you baby safe in the sun

While your baby is tiny, newborn to six months it is recommended by health professionals that you keep them out of direct sunlight. You can put you baby outside in their pram in a shaded area or under trees and cover the pram with a canopy or parasol. If sitting outdoors in a shaded area, always cover your baby’s head with a sunhat or if possible a sun umbrella, with an older baby a sun tent is also ideal.

Try to avoid being out in the hot sun especially between 11.00am – 3:00pm.

Once your baby is six months old always apply sunscreen lotion, spray or cream which is specially formulated for babies before going outside in the sun. Using sunscreen lotions on a baby younger than six months is not guaranteed to have any helpful effect. Always read the directions on how to apply screen lotion thoroughly and keep the product away from your baby’s eyes and mouth. Cover your baby’s skin with sunscreen even on a cloudy day and cover your pushchair or pram with a muslin, parasol, canopy or sun shade to keep out the sun’s harmful rays.

The NHS website has a most informative article on summer protection for babies and small children and an in depth article on how to apply sunscreen.

See below examples of Sunshades for Prams and Pushchairs.

I-Safe Buggy Shade Universal Sun Canopy


Koolsun Shade Me baby Sunshade


Dion Shade Maker Universal Stroller Sunshade


Koo-di Sun and Sleep Stroller Cover



Parasols are available to fit most pram and stroller types ( enquire during purchase)

Outlook Universal Pushchair/Infant Carrier Solar Shade


Portable blackout shades and buggy covers can be really helpful if your little one needs darkness to nod off.( one of the downsides to long, sunny summer day’s).

Never cover a buggy with a towel or blanket as it can overheat your baby.

The following 10 well known suncreen products for babies over six months most of which can be purchased at Boot’s, Chemists, Supermarkets or online from Amazon.

Mustela Baby Sun Lotion


Bepanthen Baby Sun Cream


Badger Baby Suntan Cream


Ambrie Solaire Baby in The Shade Cream


Sunsense Kids UVA and UVR Broad Spectrum


Nivea Sun Kids Moisturising Sun Spray


Weleda Children’s Sunscreen


Child’s Farm Sun Cream

childs farm
You can store most of your baby’s requirements in your baby bag. Wipes are not only for change time; keep them within arms reach for spills and sticky fingers. Plan ahead, by packing those handy products, essential for fun in the sun.

In the car

If your baby or toddler is a good car sleeper, try to time any long trips around their sleep times. They are usually not interested in outside scenery, so skip the educational opportunities and opt for naps instead. Soft and easily held toys are the best for babies, while audio books and nursery rhyme soundtracks, magnet boards could happily distract toddlers.

Keep an eye out: If your baby’s car-seat is rear facing, think about a mirror that slips over the back seat so you can keep an eye on what they are up to. The mirror could also provide a distraction for those moments when they have just had enough of being in the car.

Have water and snacks you know your toddler enjoys, to offer them if they wake and need a drink or something to eat. Hand wipes are also always useful in the car, pram or bus.

Click on a picture to read reviews.

Safety 1st Deluxe Roller Shade (Pack of 2)


JellyBabaBaby Car Window Sun Shades


Universal Car Sun Shade


On arrival at your Destination

Mobile babies and toddlers are curious little creatures, and relish exploring new surroundings. When you arrive at your temporary accommodation, do a thorough check for hazards, before letting them explore. Cast your eye over the houseplants and garden for any toxic plants to steer clear of.

Water Safety

Summer brings many opportunities for fun with water. Make water safety a vital component of your summer fun.
  • If you are visiting or staying somewhere which has a pool, paddling pool, pond, lake or river near by check the pool gate is working and never leave your young child in the care of anyone other than a responsible adult (never rely on older children or flotation devices to keep your child safe).
  • Always keep your child within arm’s reach near any body of water – whether it’s a pool, pond, paddling pool, lake, river or the beach.
  • Paddling pools are a great way to cool off, but make sure they are always drained and put away after use, along with any buckets or large containers used for water play.
Unfortunately garden ponds and pools are involved in half of all drowning of under five year olds.

For further information on travelling with a small child go to the Topics and log onto the Travelling Checklist.