Bottle Feeding Products

Essential Products to Buy When Bottle Feeding

Baby bottles

When purchasing baby bottles, particularly when it is necessary for you to bottle feed only, consider the following:
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  • If you are using a breast pump, buy bottles that match your pump.
  • For a newborn, buy the smallest size teat in a variety of types, in case one particular teat does not suit your baby.
  • Nipples or teats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with flow speeds for babies of all ages.
  • Silicone nipples are firmer, hold their shape and last longer. Latex nipples are softer and more flexible but deteriorate more quickly.
  • Make sure all products purchased are BPA-free.
  • Bottles with a wider neck are easier to clean.
  • Purchase a bottle brush which is a suitable size to clean your particular brand of bottles.
  • Choose bottles that will minimise air bubbles i.e. bottles with an anti-colic valve.

If you are planning to breastfeed exclusively, you may wish to buy some basic essentials as back-up, or to support pumping. Keep it simple, buy a few basic essentials as necessary.

Replace teats when your baby is ready for the next size or if the teat is cracked, discoloured or thinning.

You will also require a sterilising system to clean the bottles and teats.

Recommended bottle brands are listed below. Click on a product to read reviews or to purchase​​​​:

Tommee Tippee


Munchkin Latch


Nuk First Choice


Dr Brown's

These bottles are particularly recommended for babies with colic or reflux

Lansinoh mOmma




Philips Avent Natural


There are many types of sterilising systems on the market. One of the most convenient and travel-friendly is the microwave sterilising bag. You can purchase these along with your breast pump system or to match the type of bottle brand you have chosen. It is not necessary to buy a steriliser if you are using sterilising tablets which dissolve in water e.g. Milton.

Sterilisers can be purchased in-store or online from Amazon,Mothercare,Tesco,Boots,Argos,John Lewis and other maternity retailers.

When choosing a steriliser make sure it is compatible with your chosen bottle and breast pump brand. Most brands of bottle have a steriliser system to match and can be bought as a complete set. These sets provide small extras such as starter bottles, larger bottles, tongs and even dummies.

The following are recommended electric sterilising systems. Click on a product to read reviews or to purchase​​​​:

Philips Avent


Munchkin Latch


Dr Brown’s


Tommee Tippee


The following are recommended microwave sterilising systems. Click on a product to read reviews or to purchase​​​​: ​



Tommee Tippee


Mam self-sterilising bottles


Dr Brown Microwave Steriliser

Dr Brown microwave bags

Microwave bags for on the go!

Medela microwave bags

Microwave bags for on the go!
Prep Machine

You can also buy instant prep machines. These are a great help for middle-of-the-night feeds if you are solely bottle-feeding.

The following are recommended prep machines. Click on a product to read reviews or to purchase​​​​:

Tommee Tippee


Baby Brezza