First few weeks at home

November 5, 2015
Breastfeeding Experience
February 2, 2016

First few weeks at home

I was lucky to have Elizabeth help me Monday to Friday for the first three weeks. She wasn't there to help me during the weekend and I have to say it was very tough for me when she leaves me and I have to do the job myself - I was so nervous when she would leave.

I don't think anything or any books could have prepared me for the amount of work and lack of sleep I was going to encounter over the next couple of months. I think I struggled because I felt like I had zero experience with babies and newborns. You could read a book about why babies cry and how to stop them, or how to burp them, but it still is very difficult. I remember I really struggled to settle the baby and I knew it had to do with my technique, because Elizabeth was able to settle Charles within minutes of each feed, but for me it would sometimes take an hour to settle Charles and then after all that it seemed I would need to wake him up for his next feed as I had him on a schedule.

I also struggled with breastfeeding, I really dreaded it when it was feeding time. I didn't like it for many reasons: it hurt, it felt like a job, it didn't feel natural to me and I couldn't bond with my baby. Everything I read said it was a great bonding experience but initially I didn't feel that.

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