How Can I Tell If My Baby Is Dehydrated?

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June 6, 2017
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How Can I Tell If My Baby Is Dehydrated?

Would you like to know the answer to, how can i tell if my baby is dehydrated? Useful answers on this question from other parents can be found below.
Your baby would have a decreased number of wet nappies usually be very sleepy, possibly show signs of irritability and thirst. The soft spot on the baby’s head (fontanel) could appear sunken and your baby could have a dry mouth. If your baby has a temperature and is dehydrated, his skin would have less elasticity especially if he is suffering from diarrohea or vomiting or if the weather is very hot and your baby has perspired a lot.

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  1. natasha says:

    If you think your baby has dehydration, continue to breastfeed or give them other milk feeds if your are feeding them formula. Also, speak to your health visitor!

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