How Long Can A Baby Go Without Pooping?

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How Long Can A Baby Go Without Pooping?

Would you like to know the answer to, how long can a baby go without pooping? Useful answers on this question from other parents can be found below.

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  1. Anna S says:

    Firstly , it is likely that your baby’s bowel movements are actually normal.

    Each baby if different, some poop a lot and some can go for several days without pooping.

    When they are a newborn, your baby will generally poo more.

    Breast milk actually contains a natural laxative.

    Formula milk is not as easy for the baby to digest, so you may find your baby’s poo more solid and they may be more likely to become constipated. Formula fed newborn babies can poo up to five times a day when they are a newborn but after a few months this can decrease to once a day.

    How long your baby can go without pooing really depends on their age, diet and how often you feed your baby. It can be typical for a breast fed baby to fill their nappy at each feed in the early weeks then after six weeks not have a poo for 7 – 10 days.

    If you are concerned about your baby’s bowel motions you need to speak to a health professional.

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