What Can You Give A Baby For A Cough?

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June 6, 2017
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June 6, 2017

What Can You Give A Baby For A Cough?

Do you need to know the answer to, what can you give a baby for a cough? Invaluable answers and help on this question can be found below.
It would not be advisable to give anything to a baby for a cough without consulting a Doctor.

The best advice comes from other parents. Therefore please can you help others by leaving your own response to this question below.

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  1. natasha says:

    When my baby had a cough I went to the doctor. I was worried he might have a chesty cough and this would effect his little lungs.

    The doctor checked him and it he was fine. I just had to make sure!

    The NHS website has a good overview of what to do when you baby has a cough, cold, sore throat etc… –

    Section on Coughs – Children often cough when they have a cold because of mucus trickling down the back of the throat. If your child is feeding, drinking, eating and breathing normally and there’s no wheezing, a cough isn’t usually anything to worry about.
    If your child has a bad cough that won’t go away, see your GP. If your child also has a high temperature and is breathless, they may have a chest infection. If this is caused by bacteria rather than a virus your GP will prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infection. Antibiotics won’t soothe or stop the cough straight away.
    If a cough continues for a long time, especially if it’s worse at night or is brought on by your child running about, it could be a sign of asthma. Some children with asthma also have a wheeze or breathlessness. If your child has any of these symptoms take them to the GP. If your child seems to be having trouble breathing contact your GP, even if it’s the middle of the night.
    Although it’s upsetting to hear your child cough, coughing helps clear away phlegm from the chest or mucus from the back of the throat. If your child is over the age of one, try a warm drink of lemon and
    honey – http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/Pages/coughs-colds-ear-infections.aspx

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