When Can I Potty Train My Baby?

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June 6, 2017
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When Can I Potty Train My Baby?

Question, when can i potty train my baby? Find the best answer below to this question and tap into the knowledge from other parents that have had the same dilemmas as you have.
You should start potty training your child when your child is emotionally and physically ready to learn. For example do they want to stay dry and clean, can they start to control their bladder and bowels, do they understand and recognise what a potty is and who you use it? A child generally is not emotional and physically ready before 18 months.
Most parents start to potty train between two and three years. The following are sign’s your child could be ready to start.
  • They recognise they have a wet or dirty nappy and can let you know they have
  • They can recognise they need to pee or poop and can tell you they are about to
  • There is at least a one hour gap between each wee
  • When they are peeing or pooing they need to go somewhere private to do it
  • They can actually tell you they need to pee or poo
Remember there is no rush. Go at your child’s pace and most importantly be patient. This is a new and important skill your child has to learn.
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  1. I am not rushing it. My son is now 2 years old, and he is not ready. When he see’s the potty he wants to play with it and put it on his head. I was a little unset when my friend who’s son is exactly the same age has started to learn to potty train. But then I thought, its not a competition. I will start when my son and I am ready!

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