When Can You Stop Burping Or Winding Your Baby?

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When Can You Stop Burping Or Winding Your Baby?

Would you like to know the answer to, when can you stop burping or winding your baby? Then please read below.
Most babies grow out of needing to be winded at about four to five months but all babies are different. As long as you feel your baby is comfortable after a feed and settles easily to sleep then he is probably fine. You can read further information on winding your baby here – https://babyconfused.com/winding-your-baby/.
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  1. Jane Law says:

    I found my newborn baby not burping after feeding! Has anyone else found this?

    It took me at least a month to learn how to do it. What worked best for me was to place my baby on my legs, and make sure my baby’s back was very straight. Then I would firmly, but not too hard tap his back. 🙂

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