November 5, 2015

The Pregnancy

I didn't really enjoy pregnancy until the last couple of months, my life was perfect just the way it was. I was and still am a very sociable person, who likes to go out and loves to travel. I felt that the pregnancy restricted me from doing that, selfish I know!

I was also not sure that I was even ready to have a baby, I was not married, I only just got engaged. It wasn't until the last the last two months of pregnancy that I realised, ‘right I'm having this baby, deal with it’. Once I came to that realisation I started to relax into it and finally enjoy being pregnant. I felt so much closer to my unborn child once I started to enjoy being pregnant.

Being a first-time mother, I felt clueless. I bought a book, What to Expect when you’re expecting, it seemed like it was the full manual of how to raise a newborn, babies 101. I think I read ten pages of it. It also wasn't until one of the women in my NCT class went into labour three weeks early that I thought, ‘damn it, I have nothing for this baby that’s coming next month’. Thank God for Amazon and John Lewis. In two weeks I bought everything I needed and more, thank God for my friends and family who told me what to buy!

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  1. Anna Solheim says:

    Hi Natasha
    Really enjoyed reading your blog and also all the babyconfused info on Facebook, learnt a lot thankyou.

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