Travelling with Charles

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March 24, 2016
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October 21, 2016

Travelling with Charles

I made the decision to start taking Charles away when he was just three and a half months old. In one year Charles has travelled to Ibiza, Stockholm, Portugal, Italy, France and Geneva. He is now a well travelled boy and loves being away on holiday, but then who doesn't?

Travelling between 3-6 month

This is the easiest period, I planed his sleeping period and milk feeding to work around the flight take-off time and I found this generally worked well when the flights left on time!!! Charles was not so mobile and was mainly interested in eating and sleeping. It was also recommended to me that I took a dummy to help with his ears when we were acceding and descending. The dummy must of worked because fortunately we have yet to experience Charles crying on a flight.

Travelling between 6-12 month

Travelling is definitely not as easy any more. We have a baby who just wants to move, explore and play. I also found it hard thinking of activities that would keep him interested whilst keeping still on my lap! One of the most interesting experiences was when we where sitting inn the plane and on the tarmac for 2 hours for a 1 hour flight to Geneva and all he wanted to do was play and pull the arm hair off the not so lovely man sitting next to us.

Packing for your holidays doesn't get easier, there is an endless amount you need to pack. And when you only have hand luggage you soon realise that all the essential clothes and shoes you need for yourself are not so essential any more.

I can happily say that whatever we experienced with when travelling with Charles, it was all worth it as being able to take Charles away, experience different cultures, people and weather was very fun and rewarding, I believe it also helped him become a more easy and adaptable baby. I love being away with him and I loved all the activities we get to do together especially when it involves swimming in the sea! Travelling between 12 months - 2 year

Hard! Tricky! Challenging!But worth it when you get to go on holiday.

Once Charles was mobile all he wanted to do was walk, move around up and down the plane and on his seat. My advice is to have lots of activities planned. Try wrapping your toys or activities so each time you give them to your baby you can have them spend a few minutes opening their package before playing with them. Have lots of snacks and drinks. Charles loves stickers, he can spend at least 20 minutes playing with them. Also do not assume if you plan to travel during their nap time that they will automatically sleep during this time as travelling can be very exciting for your little that they refuse to sleep.

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