Baby Monitors

Purchasing a Baby Monitor

When your baby moves to his own room, or is asleep when you are not in the room, you will want to feel reassured that your baby is sleeping comfortably. Buying a baby monitor will help you hear and watch your baby from a distance.

There are two parts to a baby monitor, the transmitter (which stays with the baby) and the receiver unit (the monitor which stays with the parent). The transmitter will send audio and/or a video image of the baby. Most baby monitors use a digital signal, as an analog signal can pick up interference from other devices. There is a wide range of baby monitors available for you so choose from, so choose the one that best fits your home, budget and lifestyle. The following are the different options available.
  • Basic audio monitor – cheapest option available
  • Video and audio monitor (with the option to link multiple cameras and to allow you to zoom in on the baby or pan around the room)
  • Monitors with sensor pads.
  • Monitors that work with your WiFi so you can see your baby on your phone or tablet.
  • Monitors that work when you are out of the house via the internet, so you can see your baby on your phone.
What to consider when choosing a baby monitor:
  • Buy a baby monitor with a good range and a good signal strength, especially if you have a big house, garden or thick walls.
  • Does the sound and picture come through clearly to the monitor?
  • Can you charge the monitor so that you can walk around the house with it and, if so, does it also have a good battery life?
  • Do you want extra features such as lullabies, room thermometer, night light or ability to talk back to your baby?
  • If you are choosing a baby monitor with a camera, does the camera work well at night in the dark?
  • Do you need a monitor with a big screen size to see your baby?
If the monitor does not work well in your home, you may be able to return it, subject to the relevant returns policy. If you intend to do this, please check the returns policy before purchase.

The following are baby monitors with good online reviews. Click on a monitor to read reviews or to purchase the monitor.

Camera and audio:
Camera, audio & movement sensor:
Audio Only:
For Smart phones:
You also have the option to download a baby monitor app on your smartphone or tablet, such as the Baby Monitor 3G app. These work via your WiFi or 3G internet.​