Going back to work
October 21, 2016
Missing Out, Missing him
November 1, 2016
Do I or don’t I? I struggled to decide whether to use one or not. In the end, I decided to get the dummy out. There are both positive and negative effects of using them, but I believe that if you manage how you use them, they could work well.

I have tried to make sure that Charles was not reliant on a dummy. However, when he was nine months old and we spent a month in Ibiza, I started to let him have a dummy more to help him settle to sleep. This was an easy way out for me and allowed me to get on with things when I was on holiday, it also meant that he could settle himself without waking me up at night. Although it may have helped me back then, now Charlie is reliant on it, especially at night-time, and when he doesn't find the dummy in the middle of the night he cries looking for it and it disrupts both his sleep and mine.

I knew before I went back to work that I would need to wean him off it and that we would probably need to go cold turkey, but I have not found the right time to do it. He has had a lot of disruption in his life, he's had to get used to me not being around, he's had to get used to being with a new person (his nanny) and then he was ill. Am I using all these instances as excuses? And am I looking for excuses to put off going through an unpleasant period of cold turkey? I think probably so... I think the time has come to go dummy cold turkey! Wish us luck ;)

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