Newborn Baby Checklist

Essentials for a Newborn

The following is a checklist of essential items you may need for any newborn baby:

Newborn Checklist

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Sleepsuits and day clothes with fold up cuffs also stop sharp little fingernails from scratching baby’s skin. You can also buy scratch mitts. These are recommended, however they rarely stay on and most mothers give up using them. This is an essential baby list, the full list is under Tools and headed What to Buy.

If you intend breastfeeding and expressing, you will also need the following:


If you are bottle-feeding, a steriliser and bottles are essential.

The above list provides you with the essential requirements for the first three weeks of your baby’s life. As it is very likely you will receive gifts for the baby, we suggest you wait until you can decide what you really need before purchasing too many articles. Remember babies grow quickly and can be out of their first clothes in two to three weeks after birth.

We hope this list will be a help to you when going out to buy your layette and essentials for your baby. If you would like to add to our essential list of items, please submit your suggestions to [email protected]