What Can I Teach My 11 Month Old Baby?

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June 6, 2017

What Can I Teach My 11 Month Old Baby?

Is your question, what can i teach my 11 month old baby? Please see below advice to this question.

The best advice comes from other parents. Therefore please can you help others by leaving your own response to this question below.

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  1. Elizabeth Edmonds says:

    You will be teaching your baby skills every day you are with them, singing, clapping, reading baby books, talking to them about the world around them. Show them anything they show an interest in unless it is a danger to them. Babies love musical instruments, such as bells, drums, musical toys. When you buy toys for them to play with look at the information provided, age related toys are best, most baby’s learn through play. Just banging the back of a pot with a wooden spoon is fun to a baby although their concentration span is short. Do not overdo stimulating a young baby where they become overtired.

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