Changing Tables

Purchasing a Baby Changing table

In the first few months of your baby’s life your baby will be filling his nappy as fast as you can change it. This is an ongoing bodily function until your little one is potty trained and out of nappies. As constantly changing a baby requires a considerable amount of bending over it is advisable to invest in a changing table to lessen the strain on ones back.

Changing tables are not required to be elaborate or expensive. A safe, sturdy, durable table of your choice that meets your needs is all that is necessary. Changing tables can be bought online or at any store which specialises in Nursery Furniture.

Not all changing tables come with a changing mat, the soft waterproof, washable, mat that you lay your baby on when dressing or changing. It is essential to have one of these mats if they are not already sold as part of the table.

When purchasing a changing mat always check to see if it is waterproof, and if it has a material cover, make sure it can be removed and is washable.

A changing table is also an asset when it comes to undressing, dressing and bathing your baby. You can change, dry, massage, cream and dress your baby on the table. When you first arrive home from the hospital with your newborn topping and tailing is much easier on the changing table as you will have all provisions ready at hand.

Changing tables can also be an ideal place to store all your baby’s requirements. i.e. changes of clothes, creams, massage oil, cotton wool balls and baby wipes, nappies, nappy bags, hairbrush, sponge, flannels and bath towels, muslins and bibs.

Baskets for storage can be purchased for changing tables without drawers and washable covers can also be purchased to cover the mat if required.

For safety reasons a changing table needs to have raised sides of at least a 100mms. Always check this before purchasing.

Changing Tables are a very personal item as you may require it to match your chosen baby furniture and if you require any further information see range of products below.

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