Sharon Chammah About Giving Birth And Parenting

How did/do you find coping with a new baby in the first three weeks, three months and six months?

3 weeks - it wasn't as scary as I imagined, instincts seemed to kick in pretty quick. The only issue was my own limited movements due to the c-section 3 months - we were lucky enough that the baby was on a routine and was sleeping through the night
6 months - routine was changing but we quickly adapted, the harder part was being able to carry him as he grew bigger and stronger and finding ways to entertain him.

What do you find the most difficult?

Breastfeeding was the most difficult. When I was breastfeeding I really enjoyed it but I felt this was an area where I received the least help from midwives and caregivers and this is something that should have been supported more. I come from a generation that was mostly raised on the bottle so our mothers did not have any advice to pass on. The best thing I watched was ‘Breastfeeding without Tears’. I wish I had watched before giving birth. It was the most straightforward honest advice.

Not being able to move much after c-section was very frustrating for me. Mine was an emergency, I honestly don't understand why anyone wants to do it voluntarily.

What do you find most easy?

Pretty much everything else, everything was natural and instinctive to me

What would be your main tip to first-time mothers?

Get more information about breastfeeding and the best ways to go about it long before giving birth. Don't buy too much clothes, bottles, nappies etc. At first you don't need it, best to see what size the baby is first.

Most electronic gadgets are a waste of space and don't save more time.

What do you find is the hardest situation with a young baby?​

The same, but persevere more with breastfeeding

What was the best piece of equipment you bought/found most useful?​

DVD ‘Breastfeeding without Tears’

Beaba Steamer/Blender (it’s very compact)

Baby musical toys (rattles, shakers, tambourines), bath books

Electric nasal aspirator

What did you find the hardest?​​

Entertaining my baby and keeping engaged

What was the hardest thing to find information about?​​​​

Feeding amounts and menus - too many different schools of thought

What do you do with the baby to keep him entertained?

Playgroups, daily walks, different play stations at home

Would you have another child and why?​​

Yes, I always wanted more children. Having my first child at a late age and suffering physically has made me less keen on being pregnant again, but I would have one other child.