Best Baby Bath – Bathing Baby

Purchasing a Baby's Bath

A baby bath is not essential, as a baby can be bathed in the family bath. However, most first-time mothers do not feel confident enough to bath their newborn without some form of support for their baby.

A baby bath can be placed inside the adult bath or on the floor to support the baby while you wash them. Baths come in various different styles and shapes.

What to consider when choosing and using a baby bath or support:
  • Look at the instructions and are they easy to follow.
  • Make note of what age the baby bath is recommended for.
  • If the bath or support is meant to sit in the adult bath, make sure the size fits the adult bath before purchasing.
  • Look at product reviews online.
  • It is not necessary to buy an expensive baby bath, especially if they are only used for babies up to six months.
  • If you are water-conscious, look for a baby bath that does not need a lot of water.
  • Is the bath easy to clean and maintain? Watch out for foam bath supports, you need to make sure you squeeze the water out well to prevent mould.
  • Choose a bath that is strong and sturdy, so that the bath does not fall over when there is water in it
  • If you are space-conscious, look for a bath that can be folded or put away easily.
  • Is there an easy way to drain the water out of the bath, i.e. does it have a plug.

Safety tips:
  • Make sure you NEVER leave your baby alone in a bath; babies can drown even in two inches of water.
  • Always check the temperature of the water. If you are unsure about the temperature of the water, you can buy a bath thermometer such as the Philips Avent thermometer or purchase a bath with a temperature gauge built in.
  • Place the bathtub on a flat surface.
  • Don’t pick up the bathtub with your baby inside.

There are many different shapes and designs of baby bath. Some are specially curved, have backrests and/or headrests to support your baby while keeping your hands free, and some are just buckets. Suggested below are some different options available to you. Click on a bath to read reviews or to purchase.

Basic baths / Standalone baby baths
Standalone baths are easy to handle with a good shape that allows baby to sit comfortably and supported in the water. Most have anti-slip pads and armrests to reduce slippage and some have a foam headrest to protect the back of baby's head as they lie back to be bathed. They often have an easy-drain plug.

Tippitoes Mini Bath

Tippitoes Mini Bath

John Lewis Basic Bath


Mamas and Papas Bath

Mamma and Pappa Bath

Teddy's Bath Set


Bucket baths
A newborn baby can sit up with water up to their shoulders in a supported sitting or foetal position, leaving your hands free to wash your baby. A new concept in bathing babies up to six months they provide tranquil surrounding, can comfort even crying babies, potentially help with colic and even settle babies ready for sleep.

Tummy Tub


Shnuggle Cosy

Fold Up Baby Bath
These baby baths can be folded away when not in use for easy storage, they are lightweight and also good for travelling.

Stokke Flexi Bath


Splashy Folding Bath

Bath supports
Ergonomically-designed support that cradles your baby in a perfectly relaxed position in the bath, leaving your hands free to wash or play. They are also easy to clean.

Angel Care soft touch


Plastic Bath Support


Bath Support Sponge


Towelling Bath Support


Inflatable Baths
Very useful to take on holiday and can be used as a small play pool.

Tiny Tots Baby Infant Travel Inflatable Bath Tub

Baby Bath Seat
Fun to have, read the instructions carefully and only use for recommended age (approx. six months to one year).

Swivel Bath Seat