Top Tips For Parents With Newborn Baby

A list of Useful Top Tips

  • Assistance - If you are confused about any issue or situation do not hesitate to ask for advice
  • Bathing - Look at Cuddlesoft towels, as they have an apron attachment and give you hands free access to your baby
  • Bedtime - Try to avoid getting young children and babies overexcited just before bedtime as they may find it difficult to settle to sleep
  • Bottles- Rinse baby bottles and utensils asap and they will be easier to wash without congealed dried on particles
  • Changing nappies - As your baby gets older, if you give them something to hold when you are changing their nappy, they will not attempt to put their hands near the dirty one
  • Cords and Cables - Take great care of hanging cords and cables where there are small mobile children.
  • Cradle cap - Try massaging grapeseed or baby oil into the baby's scalp and brush their hair regularly after their bath. You can also buy specialised shampoo for cradle cap, such as MUSTELA
  • Creatures of habit -Babies are creatures of habit so try to vary your soothing routine, ideally always settling you baby in his moses basket after a gentle rock, cuddle or hold in your arms. Habits take time to change often requiring you to help your baby learn to fall asleep without your assistance
  • Food preparation - Prepare food in advance of your baby's birth to freeze. Everyone needs to be fed, especially breast feeding mothers - click here for a useful company which prepares frozen food - Cooknet
  • Giant babykind cotton pads - Use these for washing and wiping delicate skin after those messy pooey occasions - Giant Babykind cotton pads
  • Hot Drinks - When nursing or feeding your baby, be particularly careful when handling hot drinks!
  • Leakage - Always carry spare clothes in case your baby soils their clothing when you are out!
  • Nappy size - If you find your baby's nappy is leaking often after every few hours, this probably means you need to increase your nappy size
  • Nipple shields - ‘Nipple Shields saved my boobs, I didn’t even know they existed.’ Tip from Sally Page
  • No shortcuts - There are no shortcuts when it comes to looking after your baby so plan outings in advance
  • Overtiredness - Young babies and toddlers who do not have a regular daytime nap and bedtime routine, are more susceptible to over-tiredness. This can result in unsettled nights
  • Poo stains - If there has been a leakage always clean soiled clothes as soon as possible! A bar of vanish soap works. Napisan powder is also excellent for soaking soiled baby garments before washing. It removes most milk and faeces stains
  • Pots and Pans - Always turn the handles of pots and pans inwards when working in a kitchen where there are babies and small children.
  • Reading - Reading to your baby is a wonderful way to expand his knowledge of the world around him
  • Soft toys - To clean soft toys, place toys in a mesh washing bag on a delicate cycle, with your normal washing baby friendly product
  • Stairs - Always hold onto the banister when carrying a new born baby or small child
  • Teat size - If you notice your baby is taking a long time to drink milk from a bottle, you may need to increase their teat size
  • Velcro - If you close velcro fasteners before washing they will not gather fluff, hair and fibre and keep their grip longer
These are just a few tips I learnt along the way (Natasha). If you have any other top tips, please email them to [email protected]