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Books, toys and useful playthings to buy for a young baby.

When babies are very young they can only see shades of black, white and grey. Small books that feature black and white characters or shapes are ideal in the first four to eight weeks. One little book is enough, as your baby will soon move onto more colourful options.

​Many of these can be purchased on Amazon, in John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Lamaze Tomy, book shops and toy shops.

These two little animal books are a real favourite with small infants, as they have the added interest of being made from crunchy materials with a sound that appeals and fascinates a baby. The dangly tails that hang from the pages are fun to hold and play with.

If you are looking for a really inexpensive gift for a baby, try Baby Paper. This unique toy fascinates and distracts them when necessary. They love the feeling and the sound once they can independently grip something in their little hands.

​Sophie the Giraffe was designed over fifty years ago by a Frenchman, Monsieur Rampeau, and is still a great favourite with babies. Sophie was born on Thursday 25th May 1961… Saint Sophie’s day.

​Sophie can be squeezed, chewed and held easily. She is often gripped tightly as her legs are long and slim and made from 100% natural rubber. When squeezed Sophie makes a squeak very pleasing to a baby, though not necessarily to the parent! She is easy to keep clean and can be washed in warm soapy water, unlike many toys which can only be sponged clean.

​There are more designs on offer, a teething giraffe and a little picture book to add to your child’s enjoyment.

​The Wild Republic selection of soft toys from Amazon are especially suitable for very young babies.

AmazingBaby - This site has wonderful little black and white books for gifts and as a first book for any baby.

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