Best Pregnancy and Baby Books

Suggested Books for First-Time Parents

Best Pregnancy and Baby Book

If you are looking to become an informed parent, here are a number of books which have been helpful to numerous first-time parents.

What to look out for when choosing a parenting book to read:
  • An author with many years’ experience.
  • Read both the negative and positive reviews from other parents posted online.
  • Easy to read with clear explanations.
  • Popularity – look at how many books have been sold.
  • Word of mouth recommendations, especially if recommended by friends or health visitors.
There are a number of books you can buy if you are planning to set up a routine for your baby. While these are very useful, try not to get upset if your routine does not go according to plan. Also remember that every baby is different and they may not behave the way described in a book. These books should be used for reference and educational purposes only.

The following is a list of widely-sold parenting books which have positive online feedback. Click on a picture to read further reviews or to purchase the book.​​
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