Baby Rolling

When Your Baby starts Rolling

By the time a baby starts rolling he will have experienced of tummy time and lying independently on a floor mat or gym. Rolling is the first experience he will have of being able to move by himself.

Ensure your home is child-proofed so your baby can roll without restriction.

Some babies from the age of 3 months can wriggle, roll and move their bodies about freely. A small minority will roll over from tummy to back; other babies will not achieve this until they are 5 – 6 months old.

Babies need to build up their muscle strength to roll, move and eventually crawl. Placing them on their tummy for a short period every day helps to achieve this. A baby with older siblings may be content to lie and watch and be carried, therefore movement can be slower to develop.

Sometimes the clothes a baby is wearing can hinder physical progression. E.g. clothing with a firm waistband can make it more difficult for a baby to move about easily, especially when lying in the tummy time position.

A baby requires a strong neck, back and arm muscles to manoeuvre from his tummy to his back. Back to belly comes later, usually about 5 – 7 months of age, or at least a month after a baby learns to roll from front to back.

As you cannot predict when your baby will roll over for the first time, it is important to ensure when you are changing, dressing or drying him after a bath, that your baby is laying on a flat and secure surface.

Babies, who have more body mass, will sometimes take more time to move and roll. Other babies are more outgoing and adventurous, while some are more tentative and shy. Like any small child they take time to adjust to a new experience and develop in their own unique time.

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