Travelling Checklist

Travelling Checklist

This traveling checklist is a comprehensive list of the items you need to take with you if you go travelling with your baby.

From Birth to Two Years

Infant clothes: appropriate to the temperature of your destination

Bedding: if you are staying in a hotel you may want to take your own sheets and blankets, although they are often provided (check what is provided).

It is always advisable to enquire what is provided by the hotel or self-catering accommodation, as the provisions for a baby vary. In hotels, for example, you could find that the bedding is inadequate, with duvets often provided along with a pillow which are not suitable for a young baby/infant.

​Suggested equipment list:

​It may be necessary to take your own bottle brush and dish washing liquid (a small bottle can be obtained from most chemists to decant this into). A cloth, for mopping up after cleaning bottles, baby cups and containers. A tea towel can also be useful for drying baby’s spoons and plates.

Highchairs are usually provided – once again check when making your booking – portable highchairs are also available and can be bought on Amazon.

Take a First Aid kit with you in case of an emergency; this should include a thermometer. Pack all medication, including teething gel, mosquito repellent and any products you require for your child’s comfort. Products in other countries can be different to what you may be used to.

It is also more reliable to take your own food products such as baby rice, formula, food jars/pouches. Check if you want to purchase your baby’s formula, as you may be required to take your product if it is not available in the country you are travelling to.

Take some familiar toys and books.

If you are flying, it is a good idea to carry a dummy in your changing bag for use on the plane, even if your baby does not usually use one. A dummy can help reduce the pain babies experience in their ears often when taking off and landing. You can also put them to the breast to suckle which also solves this problem.

Rental: Baby equipment can be rented at many destinations – Google for further information.