Travelling with Charles
September 1, 2016
October 29, 2016
I started thinking about going back to work at least three months before I was due back. I thought I would never be ready, I tried to mentally prepare myself for it. The reality truly hit home when I started getting out my work clothes from storage and trying them on, hoping that they still fit.

I was confused, excited, worried all at the same time. Confused about whether I really want to go back, am I ready, is this a job I really want to go back to? I was excited to start learning new things, catching up with friends and colleagues, seeing clients, dressing well and not just living in jeans. I was also worried about many things: how will I cope with not seeing Charles as much, due to long working hours? How would I be able to get my work frame of mind back? What have I missed? Have I forgotten how things work? Has a lot changed? I was also sad that I would be losing the feeling of freedom. Not working meant that I could travel when I wanted and for as long as I wanted to and I didn't have to worry about being at work and saving my holidays. I also enjoyed the freedom of not worrying about my colleagues and my clients. When I am working I can never mentally switch off, even when I am on holiday, but this past year I was able to do that and I felt freedom. It also helped that Charles was a good sleeper and would wake up late at 8am, which mean I could!

The day came, I said goodbye to Charles and went back into work.

It's strange. I was away for so long, I had done so much during the year and I got to travel a lot, and in one week back at work I felt like I hadn't been away and that in reality not much had changed. In some respects it was good because I was worried things changed too much, but then I did feel slightly sad that the year had gone by so quickly and was over. After the excitement of being back at work and catching up with everybody, the reality of not seeing Charles sunk in and I started missing him dearly!

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