How Can I Tell If My Baby Is Teething?

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June 6, 2017
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How Can I Tell If My Baby Is Teething?

Do you need to know the answer to, how can i tell if my baby is teething? Find the best answer below to this question and tap into the knowledge from other parents that have had the same dilemmas as you have.
The following are signs your baby might be teething.
  • Are they dribbling more than usual?
  • Do they have a flushed check?
  • Do they have swollen, sore or red gums, especially where the tooth is coming through?
  • Is there a tooth visible below the gum?
  • Are they more irritability or fretful?
  • Are they biting, gnawing, chewing or sucking on things a lot more?
  • Are they refusing to eat and could this be because it hurts to chew?
  • Are they grabbing or touching their ears, or are they rubbing their face often?
  • Are they finding it hard to sleep or are they waking up during the night (if its unusual for your baby to do so)?
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  1. My baby would be distressed and upset the night before a tooth came through. He would also be a bit more cranky and chew on things more often!!

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