How Long Can You Swaddle A Baby?

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June 6, 2017
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How Long Can You Swaddle A Baby?

Question, how long or old can you swaddle a baby?
Most people only swaddle their baby for the first 4-6 weeks but you can swaddle them loosely for as long as you think it makes them feel cosy and secure. It is important to read about the pros and cons of swaddling as tightly swaddling a baby is not recommended for long periods of time anymore as it is important for babies to be able to move their limbs about freely. 
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  1. Natasha says:

    I swaddled my baby for about six weeks and then half swaddled for a month. By then they were happily sleeping without their swaddle.

    Saftey is the key thing and when they start to move on their own. Swaddled babies should not sleep on their front. Therefore when your baby is able to roll onto their front, its advised to stop swaddling. For some this could be around 3 months, or potentially before for some babies. Also be more aware if your baby starts to roll as they may roll onto their front but then are unable to roll onto their back.

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