When Can A Baby Eat Fish?

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June 6, 2017
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June 6, 2017

When Can A Baby Eat Fish?

Did you want to know, when can a baby eat fish? Invaluable answers and help on this question can be found below.
You can introducing cooked, pureed or mashed fish from 6 months. This does not include shellfish though!!
Fish has many great benefits, not just for babies but also for adults. It contain all 9 amino acids! Some of the benefits from eating fish are as follows.
  • Fish contains omega-3 which helps develop your baby’s cognitive development
  • Fish oil contains high levels of DHA and vitamin A which helps with your baby’s motor and visual development, it also helps them focus
  • Omega-3 helps with baby’s who suffer from eczema or other skin ailments, it helps prevent or ease these conditions
  • It has also been found that fish can help boost your little ones moods and therefore help reduce those tantrums!
  • Fish contains vitamin D which helps develop and strength your baby’s bones
  • Fish has found to actually strengthen your baby’s immunity and helps prevent them from catching viruses such as the common cold and cough.
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  1. My son loves fish. He particularity likes Mackerel 🙂

    I started introducing cooked and mashed fish at 7 months old. But I was very careful to make sure there were no bones. I started with white fish.

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